What to do and What your Options are

If you have recently been assaulted consider reporting it to the police by calling them directly.

If you live or have been raped/assaulted in Merseyside you have the option to go to your local Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SAFEPlace Merseyside). Please contact them on 0151 295 3550. If you live or have been raped in Cheshire please ring 0161 276 6515 to access the service of St Mary's SARC. Or alternatively please ring please contact your local police to report your assault who will arrange for you to attend at your local Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

To find out more information and if the area you live in has a Sexual Assault Referall Centre use this link: http://www.rapecrisis.org.uk/Referralcentres2.php

At the Sexual Assault Referral Centre they will be able to advise you on pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections as well as offering to forensically examining you to preserve evidence even if you are undecided about reporting to the police.

RASASC works in partnership with SAFEPlace Merseyside to deliver outreach Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) support and counseling. You can get emotional support, independent advice and access counseling services through Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) whether you decide to report the incident or not. The ISVA can also support you to report the incident and go through the criminal justice system (see services for a list of what RASASC can provide).

You can contact RASASC (in office hours) to get more information and advice on any of the issues talked about in this section.


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